Is it time to go Electric with your Forklifts?

We are offering a full review of your equipment before the end of October 2017. This will help you find cost savings, improve your environmental credentials and the health of your workforce.

Going electric will reduce emissions, whilst still retaining power and efficiency you recognise with desiel forklifts.

Koenig & Bauer group, one of the oldest printing machine manufacturers in the world, based in Germany, have opted for zero emission electrical trucks, to replace their diesel ones for more efficiency and also to help with environmental costs.

We believe it is time to go electric with your forklifts as some of the main benefits to this include:

  • Drastic noise reduction from your machines.
  • Higher reliability and robust machines, built for sustained use.
  • Reliable in all weather conditions.
  • A reduction in operation costs.

It seems that the shift is focusing more on emission costs to the environment. With a plan to scrap petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040 in the UK, but FLT operators do not need to wait until then. These machines can run indoors as well as outdoor conditions.

Please do not hesitate to call in for a demonstration of our electrical Forklift range, call now on +44 (0)151 922 2761 or enter the contact information below: